Immediate Care Tuckahoe NJ

Effective Urgent Care Services Provided for Adults & Children Living in or Visiting Wildwood, NJ

Urgent care clinics help bridge the gap between making an appointment at your family doctor and going to the nearest hospital emergency room for treatment. At Cape Regional Urgent Care, we take that to heart, and we aim to offer the best of both worlds for patients with non-life-threatening conditions by providing personalized, hands-on care on a more flexible schedule than the usual doctor’s office. We take patients who live in or are visiting Wildwood, New Jersey, seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., without the need for making an appointment.

We offer many services under one roof, including:

  • Treatment for acute illnesses and the their symptoms
  • Treatment for nonemergency injuries, such as fractures, cuts, and scrapes
  • Help with skin conditions, such as rashes, hives, and insect bites
  • Laboratory testing as needed
  • X-ray imaging as needed
  • Physical examinations as required for summer camp and other needs

No matter why you decide to visit one of the Cape Regional Urgent Care clinics –which are conveniently located for everyone in Wildwood, NJ – you can be certain that you will be greeted warmly by our staff and cared for by a board-certified physician with an average of 15-20 years’ experience treating patients. We welcome any questions you may have about your diagnosis, treatment, or insurance, and we’ll even call you to follow up after your visit to ensure your treatment is effective.

To learn more about the medical services that we provide for people who are in Wildwood, NJ, contact Cape Regional Urgent Care today. You can also feel free to walk into one of our locations to receive prompt medical care.