Sprained Ankle Treatment Cape May NJ

Sprained Ankle Treatment is Just Around the Corner in Cape May, NJ, at Cape Regional Urgent Care

Sprained ankle treatment can typically be performed at home, but it’s wise to see a physician to determine how much damage may have been done to the ligaments of the ankle. In more severe cases, a longer and more intense recovery effort is necessary. If you’ve sprained your ankle and need to have it examined by a medical professional, you can always trust Cape Regional Urgent Care, where our physicians provide care for all of life’s bumps and bruises – as well as sprains and strains. We are located near Cape May, New Jersey, making it convenient for anyone throughout the peninsula to visit us for their non-emergency medical needs, even on weekends because we’re open seven days a week.

You might not be certain if you have a sprained ankle or if it needs treatment at one of the Cape Regional Urgent Care locations near Cape May, NJ. Here are some of the symptoms to look for:

  • Swelling around the affected ankle
  • Reduced mobility of the joint
  • Bruising around the ankle
  • Pain in the affected foot, especially when putting weight on it

You may also have heard a popping sound when the injury happened, a sign that is often present when people have more severe injuries to their ankle ligaments. If you think that you do need professional sprained ankle treatment, feel free to come to a Cape Regional Urgent Care clinic any time we’re open, and there’s no need to make an appointment before one of our board-certified physicians can take a look at your injured ankle. From there, we can provide treatment, prescribe medications as necessary, and offer you instructions for home care to help you start healing and get back to feeling your best.

For more information about Cape Regional Urgent Care or the sprained ankle treatment we offer, contact us today. You can use our online waiting room to get in line for care at any of our locations near Cape May, NJ, before you ever walk in the door.