Sports Injury Upper Township NJ

Sports Injury Treatment for Adults and Children in Upper Township, NJ

The severity of a sports injury can range from a minor cut or bruise to a broken bone or worse. A visit to the emergency room, however, is only necessary in the case of urgent, life-threatening situations. The vast majority of injuries can be treated at your local clinic or physician’s office. If you live in or are visiting Upper Township, New Jersey, receiving timely and compassionate care is as simple as walking into Cape Regional Urgent Care’s centrally located clinic. We have the technological capabilities and medical expertise to treat almost any sports injury – and we can do it without many of the hassles associated with going to the E.R. or a primary care physician’s office.

Why should you turn to Cape Regional Urgent Care for sports injury treatment? We can provide Upper Township patients like you with:

  • Onsite imaging – We can take X-rays right in our clinic, so you won’t have to drive across town just to receive a proper diagnosis.
  • Excellent availability – We’re here for you, seven days a week, from 9 in the morning until 8 at night. We know that most recreational activities happen on the weekends, so why wait to go to the physician’s office for your sports injury?
  • Outstanding experience – Our caring physicians have an average of 15-20 years of experience treating patients.
  • Walk-in care – You’ll never have to worry about making an appointment before receiving treatment. Just show up, and receive high-quality, individualized medical care on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you need treatment for a non-emergency sports injury, feel free to walk into our clinic. We also invite you and other residents of Upper Township, NJ, to contact us with any questions about our services and the insurances that we accept.