Sinus Infection Treatment Cape May County NJ

Sinus Infection Treatment Made Simple for Residents & Visitors in Cape May County, NJ

Sinus infection treatment can typically be done at home, with affected people coping by taking nasal decongestants and other over-the-counter medications to combat their symptoms. In some cases, however, the headaches, congestion, ongoing cough, sinus pressure, and other bothersome symptoms might drive some to seek professional medical attention. For people in Cape May County, New Jersey, who suspect that they have a sinus infection, there’s no better place to turn to for simple, effective care than Cape Regional Urgent Care.

With our staff of caring, experienced physicians and other medical professionals, we can provide several approaches to sinus infection care, including prescribing corticosteroid sprays to help alleviate the inflammation in the nasal passages. In some cases, we can prescribe antibiotics – although they are only effective for sinus infections that are caused by bacteria, which account for a small percentage of cases. We can help alleviate symptoms and help resolve most cases of acute sinusitis, although chronic sinusitis (defined as lasting longer than 12 weeks) may require a specialist’s attention.

Cape Regional Urgent Care makes receiving sinus infection treatment as easy as possible for all of our neighbors in Cape May County, NJ. We provide every patient with:

  • One-on-one time with a physician who genuinely cares about their wellbeing
  • A quick, walk-in experience that requires no appointment before receiving care
  • A follow-up phone call the day after the visit to ensure that the treatment is working

For more information about the sinus infection treatment that we provide in Cape May County, NJ, contact Cape Regional Urgent Care today.