Physicians The Wildwoods NJ

How to Choose from the Physicians in The Wildwoods, NJ

People seek out physicians for any number of reasons – they may be sick or have suffered an injury, or they may just need a checkup. Around The Wildwoods, New Jersey, the selection of physicians ranges from primary care doctors to urgent care doctors to the hospital’s emergency room doctors. With so many options from which to choose, it can seem daunting for people to find a provider that offers the best treatment for their particular needs, but there are some simple rules to follow to make the decision easier.

Primary care physicians are the best choice for treating ongoing, chronic conditions because they have patients’ medical histories and receive frequent updates about health concerns. They are also a good choice for providing non-urgent services, such as performing physicals and administering immunizations. However, patients may find that their family physicians have relatively limited hours, and require appointments days or weeks before the fact.

Going to the ER should be a last resort, turned to only when an injury, illness, or other condition potentially threatens life, limb, or eyesight. ER physicians can also provide treatment for urgent but non-life-threatening conditions when other options aren’t available, such as late at night. Visiting the emergency room without an urgent condition will likely involve long wait times, and may cost more than a regular physician visit.

Urgent care centers can bridge the gap between these two options. For residents or visitors in The Wildwoods, NJ, the caring staff at Cape Regional Urgent Care offers the personalized, knowledgeable care of experienced primary care physicians without the need for making an appointment. We’re also open every day, with later hours than a typical doctor’s office. Plus, unlike an emergency room, our wait times are minimal, so patients receive treatment for their injuries or illnesses and start feeling better faster.

To learn more about turning to the physicians at Cape Regional Urgent Care, contact us today. We also invite you to come to one of our locations, which are convenient to The Wildwoods, NJ, and all neighboring communities.