Occupational Health Lower Township NJ

Urgent Occupational Health Assistance for People Living in Lower Township, NJ

Although occupational health care can be an ongoing process that is better left in the hands of primary care physicians, physical therapists, and specialists, it is often difficult to get to these health care providers for initial care. And, not every injury requires a time-consuming and expensive trip to the hospital emergency room. Cape Regional Urgent Care is happy to offer an alternative for people who live in or are visiting Lower Township, New Jersey, and other surrounding locations. We’re ready to provide the initial occupational health care that workers need to start them down the road to recovery, without many of the drawbacks of other providers.

At Cape Regional Urgent Care, our approach to care revolves around our patients. We aim to make receiving quality occupational health care as simple as can be for residents of Lower Township and other areas of New Jersey by:

  • Offering treatment for all sorts of non-emergency work-related injuries, including cuts, scrapes, minor burns, bruises, broken bones, and minor eye injuries
  • Ensuring that patients are always seen by highly qualified medical professionals, including our board-certified physicians who average 15-20 years of experience
  • Keeping our doors open every day of the week – as opposed to Monday-to-Friday primary care offices – so we can better offer care when our patients need it
  • Inviting our patients to walk right in, without an appointment to receive the help they need

If you require initial occupational health services, please visit our location today. We are also happy to answer any questions that you may have about the care that we offer for people in Lower Township, NJ, and surrounding areas.