Occupational Health Dennis Township NJ

Initial Occupational Health Services are Easily Accessible for People in Dennis Township, NJ

Occupational health is usually administered by primary care physicians and specialists who work with injured employees throughout their diagnosis and treatment. At Cape Regional Urgent Care, we understand that getting to your usual doctor following a workplace accident or injury isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Nor does every injury warrant a trip to the nearest hospital emergency room, where odds are that it’ll cost you more in time and money to receive treatment. That’s why we offer an alternative for people living Dennis Township, New Jersey, and other surrounding areas. At our urgent care clinic, we can help examine, diagnose, and provide primary treatment for non-life-threatening workplace injuries.

As a trusted source for fast, effective health care for Dennis Township, NJ, residents, Cape Regional Urgent Care can stabilize all kinds of occupational health situations, including cuts, bruises, minor burns, broken bones, and minor eye injuries. Plus, we offer several advantages over other medical care providers, such as:

  • Being open every day of the week and staying open later than the average doctor’s office, so you can find occupational health care even on evenings and weekends
  • Providing the same level of care as an ER for non-emergency injuries but at a much more competitive price
  • Never requiring our patients to make an appointment, so they can just walk in when it’s most convenient for them

For more information about our initial occupational health care services, you can always contact us with your questions. We also invite you and other residents of Dennis Township, NJ, to simply walk into our location for care.