Laryngitis Treatment Cape May NJ

Laryngitis Treatment Assistance for People in Cape May, NJ

If you’re experiencing laryngitis, treatment is probably on your mind. It can be frustrating and at times painful to try to speak only to hear a hoarse whisper or nothing at all. That’s why it may come as a relief to know that most cases of laryngitis resolve on their own after a week or so. In many situations, if someone with laryngitis rests their voice for a few days and avoids smoking/inhaling smoke, their voices gradually recover – typically as the underlying viral or bacterial infection clears up.  In rare cases, though, the discomfort can last two weeks or more, which may mean that more in-depth medical attention is needed. If you live in or are visiting Cape May, New Jersey, and would like some help handling your laryngitis, come to Cape Regional Urgent Care. We can provide you with diagnosis and symptom management options for both your laryngitis and the associated infection, as applicable.

At Cape Regional Urgent Care, laryngitis treatment starts with an exam, after which our physicians can determine if prescribing antibiotics would be an appropriate course of action. We can also help decide if referring you to a specialist like an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor in the Cape May area would be ideal. We can also give you advice on how to recover your voice more quickly.

You might be wondering why you should turn to Cape Regional Urgent Care for your laryngitis treatment. Simply put, we treat our patients with the speed, care, and respect that they deserve, as shown in the following advantages:

  • We’re open every day of the week
  • We accept walk-in patients and aim to minimize the time spent in the waiting room
  • All of our physicians are board certified and most have treating patients for 15-20 years or longer

Contact Cape Regional Urgent Care today to learn more about our treatment for laryngitis and other common conditions. We invite our neighbors and visitors in Cape May, NJ, to stop in for quick medical care.