Knee Injury Treatment Cape May NJ

Fast & Thorough Minor Knee Injury Treatment Available for People In or Around Cape May, NJ

Knee injury treatment depends heavily on how severe the problem is. For people who have fractured their knees or have badly damaged ligaments, surgery may be required to restore the full function of their knees. However, a mild strain or a bruise may be treated at home or by a physician, like the experienced doctors at Cape Regional Urgent Care, with clinics serving Cape May, New Jersey, and surrounding communities.

Minor knee injury treatment typically consists of a series of steps that are often remembered with the acronym RICE. This process includes:

  • Rest – Immediately following the injury, reducing the movement of the injured knee can be a helpful way to reduce pain and prevent further injury. Staying off the knee for one or two days is often advised.
  • Ice – Applying ice to an injured knee can help take down swelling, but to avoid frostbite, it should done with some kind of covering (like a towel), and should only be applied for 15-20 minutes at a time, with at least an hour between treatments.
  • Compression – Compressing an injured knee with an elastic bandage can also reduce swelling. Wrapping should only continue while the knee is swollen to not interfere with healing.
  • Elevation – Propping up the injured knee while resting or sleeping can reduce swelling.

Additional knee injury treatment may also include taking over-the-counter drugs to reduce pain while healing. Although these approaches are helpful for many people, it’s still wise to have a professional examination. People in the Cape May, NJ, area can find such assistance at Cape Regional Urgent Care, where they can receive quick and convenient treatment for a number of nonemergency injuries – including bruised and strained knees.

If you need professional treatment for a minor knee injury, walk into a Cape Regional Urgent Care location today. Our clinics are conveniently located for people living in and visiting Cape May, NJ, and neighboring communities.