Health Care Center Lower Township NJ

Cape Regional Urgent Care: A Health Care Center Serving Lower Township, NJ & Other Neighboring Areas

The ideal health care center is there to help with minor to moderate injuries or illnesses when your primary care doctor isn’t available and you’d rather avoid going to a hospital emergency room for care. At Cape Regional Urgent Care, we’re happy to provide you with an alternative to these options. We serve communities including all of Lower Township, New Jersey, providing patients with the prompt and thorough care that they deserve. And we do it all without many of the inconveniences of a typical doctor’s office or ER.

When you make Cape Regional Urgent Care your health care center, you bypass the need for making an appointment, as we invite you to walk right into one of our locations. Plus, we’re open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day of the week, giving you the opportunity to receive quality care without waiting for hours or days. Whether you’re from Lower Township, NJ, or you’re just here for a visit, you can rely on the services provided by our highly experienced, board-certified physicians, such as:

  • Treatment for injuries like scrapes, cuts, broken bones, or even jellyfish stings
  • Treatment for illnesses, including help managing cold and flu symptoms like coughing
  • Onsite diagnostic testing and X-ray imaging, so we can offer you an accurate diagnosis without sending you to another facility

If you’re in Lower Township, NJ, and you’ve been feeling under the weather, we invite you to visit one of our health care center locations and receive the treatment that you need on your schedule. For more information about our services, call us today.