Flu Vaccine Somers Point, NJ

Flu Vaccine Shots Available to Residents and Visitors of Somers Point, NJ at Cape Regional Urgent Care

Looking to get a flu vaccine near Somers Point, NJ? Cape Regional Urgent Care is here to help. Our friendly and approachable staff of board-certified physicians and registered nurses can administer your flu vaccine any day of the week, with no appointment necessary, making it easier than ever to protect yourself against the influenza (flu) virus.

When contracted, the flu can cause many uncomfortable symptoms such as high fever, extreme fatigue, nausea and coughing to name a few. Plus, if left untreated, it can develop into more serious conditions, like pneumonia. Because of this, it is important for everyone who can in Somers Point, NJ to receive a flu vaccine. In addition to being vaccinated, you can reduce your risk of becoming sick with the flu by:

  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Refraining from touching your eyes, ears, nose, and mouth
  • Avoiding contact with anyone currently suffering from the flu

Cape Regional Urgent Care can provide more information on staying healthy this flu season when you come in to receive your flu vaccine. We offer extended weekday and weekend hours and short wait times because we understand many people lead busy lives and may find it difficult to schedule a visit with their primary care doctor during normal office hours. Our modern, professional urgent care facilities are a good alternative for those who need more flexible health care services but still want to see a friendly and approachable doctor.

If you’re currently living in or visiting Somers Point, NJ, you’re welcome to stop by Cape Regional Urgent Care anytime to receive a flu vaccine. We accept many insurance plans as well as self-pay options.