Flu Treatment Middle Township NJ

Quick, Convenient Flu Treatment for Visitors & Residents in Middle Township, NJ

Flu treatment typically consists of getting plenty of rest and drinking lots of water and other fluids to keep hydrated. Over-the-counter medications can help ease the achiness that accompanies the flu, as well as the coughing and other symptoms that go along with it. Once someone has an influenza infection, no medication will actually “cure” it, only reduce the severity of its symptoms. For people in Middle Township, New Jersey, whose flu symptoms have become too disruptive, but aren’t quite severe enough to warrant a trip to the hospital, a visit to Cape Regional Urgent Care could help them find some relief.

Our team of knowledgeable physicians have been providing flu treatment for years, as well as complications of the infection, such as minor pneumonia, ear infections, and sinus infections. Plus, we make receiving flu treatment as simple and pleasant of a process as possible by:

  • Keeping longer hours than a typical physician’s office – We’re open every day of the week, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Never requiring our patients to make an appointment – We welcome our patients to walk into our clinic without waiting days or weeks for treatment.
  • Maintaining a warm, friendly atmosphere – Not only is our clinic clean and modern, but all of our staff members are dedicated to making our patients comfortable and answering all of their questions while helping them get over the flu as quickly as possible.

Contact Cape Regional Urgent Care today for more information about the flu treatment services that we provide. You can also walk right into our clinic in Middle Township, NJ, to receive comprehensive, individualized treatment for your symptoms.