Common Cold Treatment Cape May County NJ

Common Cold Treatment Advice for Cape May County, NJ, Residents & Visitors

Common cold treatment can typically be administered at home, without the need for visiting a physician. That said, Cape Regional Urgent Care is always ready to help people living in or visiting Cape May County, New Jersey, with their colds, should they need some extra assistance. It’s important to mention that any common cold treatment is intended to lessen the severity of the symptoms, not to actually cure the cold itself. In most cases, the virus will affect the body for a week or so, but steps can be taken to make those days a little less miserable.

One of the keys to feeling better during a cold is to make sure that the body stays hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. Many traditional home remedies revolve around the idea of drinking warm liquids like hot teas or warm broth because they not only help the person feel better by hydrating them, but their warmth may help loosen congestion. There’s some serious merit to the chicken noodle soup approach!

At-home common cold treatment may also include over-the-counter medications to combat coughing, sneezing, congestion, and other symptoms caused by the cold. These products can be very helpful, but it is essential to read the directions and the ingredients for each of them. Many products should not be administered to children, and those that can be have varying doses depending on the age and weight of the child. Also, in many cases, cold medications include several active ingredients, each intended to treat a different symptom. That makes them more convenient, but may also make it easier to take too much of one ingredient if someone is taking multiple medications at once.

Perhaps the most universal advice for common cold treatment is to simply rest and let the body recuperate as it fights off the offending virus. It can be tough to take things slow with today’s hectic schedules, but it can certainly help to get in plenty of sleep.

Although these approaches to common cold treatment can be completed from the comfort of home, sometimes, people may need to see a physician for further assistance. If you’re experiencing cold symptoms and you’re in or around Cape May County, NJ, Cape Regional Urgent Care’s caring physicians can help ease them. Feel free to drop into our location any day of the week, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., to receive quick, convenient care without the need for an appointment.