Bee Sting Treatment Cape May Court House NJ

Bee Sting Treatment Advice for Residents and Visitors in Cape May Court House, NJ

Bee sting treatment knowledge is handy and potentially life-saving, particularly in the summertime, when people around Cape May Court House, New Jersey, are enjoying the outdoors. After a bee sting occurs, quick treatment can cut down on the effects of the sting, which is particularly important for people with allergies to bee venom.

For most people, the following bee sting treatment steps are sufficient for addressing their symptoms:

  • Get to a safe area, especially if there are multiple stinging insects around.
  • Remove the stinger as quickly as possible. Scraping a blunt object like a credit card across the top of the skin can work, as can picking the stinger out with fingers or tweezers. (Don’t worry about releasing more venom from the attached sac – symptoms worsen depending on how long the stinger is left in the skin, not how the stinger is removed.)
  • Wash the affected area with soap and water.
  • Wrap ice in a towel or in an ice bag, and then place it on the affected skin. Keep the ice on the skin for 10 minutes at a time, remove it for 10 minutes, and repeat as needed to help with swelling.
  • Take diphenhydramine or other antihistamine to bring down swelling.

Most bee sting victims will experience discomfort and other minor symptoms for a week or two after the sting. However, some bee sting cases require treatment by medical professionals. If any of the following conditions apply, the victim should be taken to the nearest hospital:

  • The victim has a known allergy to bee venom. Someone with a severe, established allergy to bees may carry an epinephrine pen with them.
  • The victim has received numerous stings at one time.
  • The victim was stung in the mouth, nose, or throat as subsequent swelling can interfere with breathing.

For people in Cape May Court House, NJ, who have less severe bee sting cases, a trip to Cape Regional Urgent Care can help mitigate symptoms following a bee sting. Our physicians provide bee sting treatment for residents and tourists alike. For prompt, knowledgeable medical care, feel free to walk right into our clinic without an appointment.